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and tomorrow. Or, it will form a head and shoulders top where the September 24 high is the top. But, the 5 day bull channel is tight. Overnight EUR/USD Forex trading, the EUR/USD 5 minute Forex chart rallied 60 pips overnight. Therefore, the are probably sellers above the October 12 high, creating the final 3rd small leg. Eurusd Forex Parabolic Wedge, the Emini rallied overnight, but this would be the 3rd leg ip from the October 3 high.

There have been many strong legs up and down, and every one of them reversed. The EUR /USD 5 minute Forex chart rallied 60 pips overnight. It is now testing Fridays high. Developed by Traders for Traders.

Less likely, this rally will continue above the September 24 high without a test down. If so, the bears will create a couple small legs sideways to down over the next week or two. That usually leads to a couple legs sideways to down. It is now testing Fridays high. But, they will begin to sell once the rally goes above Fridays high. In addition, this is now the 3rd leg up (the 1st was October 3). Consequently, despite the overnight rally, the odds favor sellers above Fridays high and then a couple small legs down on the daily chart. Then, the bears will get a break below the August low.

Traders will continue to bet on reversals instead of a pantip forex 2018 breakout of the 6 month range. Victoria Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles. The, eUR/USD daily Forex chart has been in a trading range for 6 months. The high of a weak buy signal bar usually gets tested. Since October 9 was only a doji, it was not a strong buy signal bar. There will then probably be a test back down.15 and the October 9 high. Therefore, there will probably be sellers above last weeks high. Therefore, this is a parabolic wedge rally. The current 5 day rally looks like a parabolic wedge.

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